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Aluminum and rattan Outdoor Lounge Set are equally available in a broad selection of patterns that are elegant, and also the following guide talks about each option’s benefits.

Garden furniture is available in a variety of unique products, but rattan aluminum are possibly the hottest options as it pertains to outdoor seating. Both products provide a whole variety of rewards over more classic alternatives for example lumber or metal, consequently selecting between the two can be quite a complicated decision. As well as being able to resist the weather, patio furniture needs to be cozy appealing and easy to maneuver. Aluminum and rattan Outdoor Lounge Set are equally available in a broad selection of patterns that are elegant, and also the following guide talks about each option’s benefits.

Aluminum Furniture

If you are looking for a patio set that will last as long as you, then aluminum is the safest bet. There are a few types of aluminum furniture that have differing price tags. Patio sets made from aluminum tubes are the cheapest option but are not as durable as solid aluminum. Cast aluminum is created by pouring liquid aluminum into casts and then soldering the pieces together. This type of aluminum is the most popular option but expect to pay a little more for a full patio set. Aluminum furniture is completely resistant to rust and is virtually unbreakable. Unlike other types of metal furniture, it is also relatively lightweight. Aluminum furniture is also available in a wide range of styles including wrought aluminum designs that resemble traditional wrought iron furniture. Aluminum needs very little maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water or a pressure hose.

Both rattanand aluminum offer wonderful advantages to homeowners, and the ultimate decision over which one to purchase should depend on the local climate. Although rattanmay be more attractive, it simply cannot stand up to harsh weather conditions. Aluminum patio furniture will last a lifetime and does not need to be protected from rain, wind or direct sunlight. Whatever you choose, All American Fine Outdoor Furnishings has the variety of quality rattanand aluminum collections to choose from. All our patio sets are made with quality materials and built to last. So call us today at 877-930-7070 or visit our stores in Arizona and see what we have to offer.


Although rattan patio furniture traditionally is made of twigs, or similar materials like rattan, the term comes from the way that the furniture is made (material weave, in a rough sense), rather than the material itself. As such, rattan furniture can range from old-style furniture made from natural materials to modern rattan furniture made of artificial rattanweave material, and may sometimes even have a metal frame for the basic structure. rattan furniture is typically treated with a few coats of clear varnish.

Traditional rattan furniture have a very forgiving structure when it comes to weight distribution, and as such can “mold” itself to the average user. While it’s true that some designs become uncomfortable after long periods of use, a simple cloth or cushion will do wonders. Even better, properly designed rattan furniture can allow air to pass through, for a more air-cooled feeling.

As rattan furniture now incorporates resin as a material, this also makes rattan furniture water-washable and much more able to withstand extremes of weather. And given that artificial materials have less “nooks and crannies” for dust and pollen to hide in, a good periodic washing down will ensure that the furniture won’t have hidden issues for people with allergies.

Finally, it’s a given that a few strands in the weave will have to be replaced due to damage or eventual wear and tear. In such a case, it’s a good idea to source replacement material in advance.

rattan furniture, unlike aluminum, does need some care and maintenance if it will be used as outdoor furniture – extra layers of varnish and lacquer, to be retouched every year or so, are required for it to last under sunlight and extreme temperatures. You probably have to schedule the annual brushing (if it’s made of traditional materials), or wash-down (if it’s made of artificial materials) with the retouching too.

rattan furniture made of traditional materials will also need some attention in terms of mold – humidity is the factor here, though it can be solved with regular annual retouching of the clear coat.

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