How to choose the right gas mask

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In a war, each of us can find ourselves in a territory with life-threatening chemical contamination. The danger is posed by both chemical munitions and various industries that find themselves in the combat zone. That is why it will not be superfluous to buy a gas mask in Ukraine now. But i

Sizing and fitting

First of all, you need to correctly determine the size of the gas mask that will suit you. To do this, take a measuring tape and make a measurement along the line passing through the crown, chin and cheeks. The result must be rounded to the nearest 0.5 cm. Look up your number in the size chart to make sure you don't mix anything up. Learn more at

In total, rubber gas masks have 5 sizes, from 0 to 4. The number is indicated on the mask in the chin area.

Before trying on, you need to make sure that the gas mask is in good working order and has no damage. A visual inspection is carried out, during which attention is paid to the following points:

  • Is there any cracks or holes in the gas mask;
  • Whole glass glasses;
  • Are the valves in working order?
  • Is there any damage on the filter box;
  • Does the equipment of the device correspond to the declared one.

After that, the fitting of the gas mask is performed. The helmet-mask should fit snugly, and the glasses should be located exactly opposite the eyes. If these conditions are met, then the choice is made correctly and you can fully rely on this device.

Selection of gas mask filters

But a gas mask by itself cannot protect its wearer. In order for this protection tool to fully perform its functions, you need to choose the right filters. Domestic gas masks are equipped with filters of three classes:

  1. low efficiency;
  2. middle;
  3. high.

 It is clear that it is best to be the owner of third-class filters that provide maximum protection. It is also important to know that these elements of a gas mask can be multi-purpose, protecting against a wide range of damaging substances, or highly specialized. For example, P grade filters, which are white, can resist dust, aerosols, bacteria and viruses. But the purple filters of the SX brand already have more military characteristics. They are able to protect against chemical warfare agents such as sarin, phosgene, soman. A universal filter that can save in any situation does not exist today.

There are more than 10 brands of filters in the assortment of domestic suppliers and you need to choose exactly those that you need. Filters are not exploited indefinitely - each of them has its own resource. After that, the element must be replaced with a new one, otherwise the efficiency of the device will rapidly decline. When purchasing a gas mask, take care of spare elements in sufficient quantities.

When selecting filters, you need to make sure that they have not expired. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, it can be from 3 to 5 years. The seller of a gas mask must, upon request, provide all the information about his product, and, if necessary, provide certificates for the products.

Gas masks and filters that have expired must be disposed of. Their use is strictly prohibited, as it exposes a person to danger. You also need to add that you need to buy a gas mask only from reliable sellers. Remember that the right choice of a quality product depends on how much you will be protected in an extreme situation.