5 Best Smart Locks in 2023

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5 Best Smart Locks in 20235 Best Smart Locks in 2023

5 Best Smart Locks in 2023

Smart locks are the future of home security. The market is growing rapidly, and there are many different smart locks to choose from. With technology ever evolving (rapidly), it can be difficult to know all of the different options available for smart locks. From fingerprint recognition, shuffling keypads, voice commands, and even video doorbell capabilities it’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices. But there’s no reason to get overwhelmed. In this post, we’ll share our top five picks for smart locks in 2023 and give you our editor’s top pick to consider.To get more news about door monitor, you can visit securamsys.com official website.

1. eufy Security S330 Video Smart Lock

The eufy Security S330 is a smart lock that comes with a built-in camera and doorbell notifications that allows you to see who is at the door and communicate with them through the eufy app. It can be controlled remotely using the app, which also allows you to easily grant access to friends, family, and guests. The lock can be locked and unlocked with a fingerprint reader, PIN keypad, smartphone app, Alexa, or even by a mechanical key. It can be programmed for up to 100 users and offers an audit trail through the app to let you know who has accessed the door at any particular time. Did we mention it has a built in camera with two way audio and a built-in motion sensor that can alert you if there is any suspicious activity at the door? eufy Security seems to have it all covered with this smart lock. But, what if you don’t need or want all of these features? Don’t worry, continue reading to check out other options.

2. August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect

The August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect is a device that upgrades your existing deadbolt by adding smart lock functionality to it. It can be installed on the inside of your door, allowing you to keep your existing keys and your home’s design, but adding convenience and security to your door. With the August app, you can share access to your home with friends and family, schedule access, and monitor the lock’s activity. The lock has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing it to integrate with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and Samsung SmartThings. The lock also has an optional feature, Auto-Lock and DoorSense, which automatically lock and secure your door when you leave and will automatically unlock the door as you approach it. One of the biggest benefits of the August Smart Lock Pro+ Connect is the ease of installation. It can be installed in about 10 minutes! The August Smart Lock Pro Plus Connect has received awards and recognition from various publications such as CNET, Good Housekeeping and Tom’s Guide.

3. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave is a smart lock that can be controlled remotely using a Z-Wave compatible home automation system or the Ultraloq mobile app. It offers a variety of ways to unlock the door, including fingerprint recognition, keyless code entry (glove friendly), smartphone, and traditional key. It is certified Commercial Grade 1 for security including bump and pick proof features. Using the smartphone app with Z-wave allows you to remotely share codes with family and friends to allow access. It offers a full audit trail so you know who’s been in and out. This lock also features the auto-lock and auto-unlock with your smartphone in your pocket for hands free security. No drilling is required to install the lock since it can be installed in an existing standard deadbolt door prep. It can be integrated with other Z-Wave devices such as door sensors and cameras to create a more comprehensive smart home system. For the lock to work with all of the features, you will need compatible Z-wave hubs or the Ultraloq Bridge which are sold separately.

4. Yale Assure Lock

The Yale Assure Lock is a line of smart locks that can be controlled remotely using a mobile app or voice commands with a compatible voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The locks use auto-unlock technology, a touchscreen keypad, smartphone app, or a traditional key for entry. You can even use your apple watch to unlock the door. It can be be integrated with other smart home devices including Hue, Smart Things, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Hey Google, and the Z-Wave smart home system. Auto-Lock and DoorSense technology is included allowing you to lock and unlock the door hands free as you come and go. The lock allows you to grant access to other people via a unique passcode that can be deleted or deactivated by you. It is easy to install, you can replace your existing deadbolt and install the new lock with just a screwdriver.

5. Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock Touchscreen is an electronic deadbolt featuring SmartKey Security and Z-Wave Plus Compatibility. The lock is wi-fi enabled and will connect to your home’s wi-fi network without any third party smart hub. The lock can be controlled remotely via your smartphone or computer and can be programmed for up to 250 users. The Kwikset app for iOS or Android allows you to manage your own locking/unlocking as well as add other users who will be given access to the lock through their phones/computers too. This feature allows you to give guests entry while they’re visiting without having them carry around keys at all times. You can program the app to receive notifications when the lock has been activated. The app also includes a full audit trail to see all of the records of users.