What's Wild Pass?

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What's Wild Pass?What's Wild Pass?What's Wild Pass?

What's Wild Pass?
Simply put, Wild Pass is an opportunity for players to earn extra content by playing games. Wild Passes have their own leveling tracks and rewards, which include content like currencies, emotes, and even an exclusive skin!Whenever a new Wild Pass begins, all players automatically start earning XP towards unlocking their rewards. You don't have to lift a finger!To get more news about recharge wild rift, you can visit topuplive.com official website.

But let's start with the basics. You'll level up your Wild Pass by earning Wild Pass XP, which you can do in a few different ways. Like by taking on...

Starting with Season 9, there are more ways than ever to blast through your Wild Pass with three different flavors of missions!

Whether you're a Ranked renegade or an ARAM aficionado, you'll be able to progress through your Wild Pass just by queueing up for your favorite mode—with a bonus for winning!
Wild Pass grants all players 10 Wild Pass missions every week on Monday at midnight UTC until the Pass expires. These missions feature a huge variety of objectives, which can be as simple as placing wards or as challenging as scoring double or triple kills.

And don't worry—just because missions are divvied out every week doesn't mean you have to complete them that fast. Weekly missions remain in your queue until you either A) complete them, or B) accrue 3 weeks worth of weekly missions, at which point you'll have to finish off one of your current weeks to unlock a new one.


Mission Skip Cards are one of the many rewards you'll earn by progressing through the Wild Pass. You can use them to skip Weekly Missions (and only Weekly Missions) by selecting the Skip icon next to the mission, which will complete the mission and grant its rewards. If you want to check out how many cards you have or when they expire (use them while you can!), you can find them in the Loot section of your Collection.

Seasonal Challenges grant Wild Pass XP based on your total stats throughout a season. These include simple goals like dealing damage, slaying monsters, and earning gold. Complete an objective to earn a bunch of Wild Pass XP and unlock the following milestone, which will challenge you to accomplish more of the same feat for additional Wild Pass XP. You won't get any extra rewards after you've completed all five milestones, but your progress will continue to track.

The first six Seasonal Missions are included in the standard Wild Pass and are therefore available to all players, but if you want to unlock the rest, you'll have to grab the Premium Wild Pass!