Be Nice To Your Mold Parts

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The quality and suitability of the mold part together with the mold are important in injection molding.

    The mold represents a very critical part of injection molding. The quality and suitability of the mold part together with the mold are important in injection molding. The same goes for the suitability of plastics to product types. Well-made molds account for a large portion of the total cost of injection molding. When you spend that much money on something, it's worth focusing on how to make it last and work well. This is a cost and time-efficient injection molding process. But the cost of the mold is not limited to the tooling cost or the cost of obtaining the mold. To get the best return on your investment, please follow proper operating procedures. Routine maintenance is a top priority. This means investing in trained operators, maintenance, tools, and consumables. This can even include investing in software that helps automate operations and maintenance.

    Like most machinery and tools, your mold will depreciate in value from the first use. But its rate of depreciation depends on how it is used and maintained. Routine maintenance ensures you get the most out of your mold. If the mold is regularly maintained. This will not be as effective if the operation puts unnecessary stress on the mold. Therefore, it is important to have a set of rules to guide the operation and maintenance of molds. The injection molding process operates differently for different types of plastics.

    We all know how two people have the same model and type of vehicle. However, one still drives after 5 years and looks better than the other. It depends on how the vehicle is used and maintained. A driver may slow down and drive carefully over bumps to reduce the impact on the car. Another driver may tend to accelerate through bumps and may not change the oil and filter as often. So leaving well-made molds to untrained operators is another sad story.

    There is maintenance that you do on a daily basis and maintenance that is not so regular. Say it every few months or a year. Routine maintenance takes seconds to minutes. Demolition may be required for monthly or annual maintenance. During such maintenance, you should have spare molds on hand to replace the molds. This is to avoid production downtime.

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