Precautions For Storage And Transportation Of Basic Copper Chloride

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As the use rate of Basic Copper Chloride more and more common, its quality is getting higher and higher.

As the use rate of Basic Copper Chloride more and more common, its quality is getting higher and higher. Due to the characteristics and advantages of zinc oxide, it is widely used by everyone. In order to obtain better applications, let us know what are the precautions for storage equipment and transportation of zinc oxide?

Because zinc oxide is used as a chemical additive in many industries, including rubber industry, ceramic technology, cement engineering, etc., zinc oxide can improve the performance of these products and enable enterprises to obtain greater profits. Before shipping, you need to check the integrity of the zinc oxide packaging. The load should be stable and handled with care to avoid leakage, collapse, falling and damage during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other oxidants during transportation to prevent sunburn and rain during transportation, and take measures to prevent high-temperature operation. Boric acid and zinc sulfate heptahydrate also need attention during transportation.

Zinc oxide is flammable and requires strict compliance with the ban on smoking and fire in warehouse regulations. This is the basic guarantee for safe storage. Waterproof and moisture-proof work should be done during storage to avoid cross-contamination and reduce zinc oxide activity. The demand for zinc oxide in all walks of life is increasing. Reasonable placement will not pile up, easy to load before transportation, and easy to organize and store. When transporting and storing zinc oxide, it is more important to pay attention to safety. Drivers should also pay attention to safety during transportation and not to drive fatigued. The use of zinc oxide is increasing, and we must be more careful in transportation.

The above are the precautions for the storage and transportation of zinc oxide, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. To learn more about boric acid and zinc sulfate heptahydrate, you can follow the official website news of weishida Copper Acetate Manufacturers, we will continue to update it.