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Agility: When worn, your weight will decrease be -3, once the skillcape is activated to receive 100 agility, it is decreased to -4. Mining: Once worn, mining speed is increased by 5%, and when the cape is actived, it is increased to 10 percent. OR OSRS gold once the cape is activated, potions are automatically made into 4 doses instead of 3.

Slayer: If the cape is worn, it is possible to talk to slayer masters whenever you want, and the cape can hold 3 fees. Speak to Duradel (in person) to get it recharged. Fletching: Making bows/strining is made a bit faster. Hunter: All traps you lay are automatically smoked so that your sceant is gone. Farming: Plants have a greater immunity to diseases (only when the cape is worn, and just the plant that's planted when the cape is worn is resistent to disease).

Construction: All boards made are discounted by 10% (including in the lunar bout ). Firemaking. The time a flame lasts is raised by 25% whilst wearing the cape. I simply thought that some abilities had an extra bonus for all of the hard work, and I also thought that a few the emotes in which a bit chincy.

Well, recently with the newest House Party globe, many"Hotels" and"Restaurants" happen to be opening up in houses. I like this idea, but it seems a little useless. I wanted to expand it, with new types of houses. To change the type of your house, go to one of the Estate Agents in the sport. It costs 20k to change the type of your house.

Ok, so for cheap RuneScape gold anyone who plays tai bwo wannai clean up, you know you can disturb broodoo victims when you hack jungle?well good players use their own weakness on them, thus slaughtering them, and they are not a problem.though you will find players that dont since they forget the weaknesses or just cant be bothered.