China Auto Parts Factory Introduces The Maintenance Details Of Accessories

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China Auto Parts Factory introduces the maintenance details of accessories:


China Auto Parts Factory  introduces the maintenance details of accessories:

1. Spark plug is a key component of a motorcycle engine. The normal combustion of the mixture is the key to the normal operation of the engine. Precautions for replacing spark plugs.

Determine the thread size and plug stem length. If the plug rod is too short, it will cause carbon deposits on the threaded part of the plug hole and damage the engine. Before applying the spark plug wrench, carefully screw the spark plug into the threaded part of the cylinder head by hand to prevent damage. Tighten the spark plug to the specified tightening torque by using the spark plug sleeve of the special vehicle-mounted tool.

2. The air filter is the breathing system of the motorcycle. Cleaning steps to clean the air filter:

①Remove the air filter element from the car.
 If the filter element is sponge foam, it can be cleaned carefully with a neutral detergent. Do not twist it forcefully. After cleaning, dry the water, drip 2-3 drops of engine oil, hold it with your hands, and reinstall it as it is; if it is a paper filter element, it must not be When cleaning with liquid, you can hit the internal dust with force, and if possible, use compressed gas to blow in the opposite direction of the air intake, blowing from the inside to the outside, and the storm prince blows from the outer ring to the middle hole.

②Pay attention to the installation direction and air intake direction when reinstalling the filter element.
When driving in a dusty and dirty environment, you should increase the cleaning frequency. If the sponge is broken or the paper filter element is soaked, you should immediately replace it with a new one, otherwise, it will damage the engine or emit black smoke.

3. Maintenance of the oil filter element. The new engine oil is replaced, and the filter element cannot be replaced. During the lubrication process of the engine, the oil pump sucks the oil out of the bottom groove, first presses it into the oil filter element to filter, and then transports the filtered clean oil to the cylinder head, crankshaft, and transmission parts. If the filter element is too dirty, the filtering effect of the oil will be poor, the output of the oil will be reduced, and the parts will not get good lubrication, which will cause excessive wear. Therefore, only renewing the oil will not work, and the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.

Through the above introduction, China Motorcycle Parts Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.