When Packing, Make Sure That The Items In The Cardboard Box Will Not Damage Each Other

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The information on the outer packaging of the metal candle holder Manufacturer’s candle holder should correspond to the packing list sent to the importer.

  The information on the outer packaging of the metal candle holder Manufacturer’s candle holder should correspond to the packing list sent to the importer.

  The outer packaging label of the candlestick should include manufacturer, consignee, material, quantity, size, volume, country of origin, and warning signs.

  EAN or barcodes on product labels are very common in Europe.

  Your buyers will specify the information they need on the product label or the product itself, such as a logo or "in manufacturing..." information. This is part of the order specification.

  Unless the buyer specifies otherwise, please use English for marking.


  Importer specifications

  You should pack the candle holders according to the instructions of the metal candle holder Manufacturer. They have their own specific requirements for the use of packaging materials, filling boxes, palletizing, and storage containers. Always ask the importer for order specifications. These are part of the purchase order.

  Prevent injury

  Packing candlesticks correctly can minimize the risk of damage from electric shock. The way the packaged goods are exported depends on how easily the goods are damaged. When packing, ensure that the items in the cardboard box will not damage each other. When boxes are stacked in containers, they should also be prevented from being damaged.

  Size and weight

  The packaging must have a size and weight that are easy to handle. The standard is usually related to the labor regulations of the destination specified by the buyer. Cartons are usually stacked on pallets for air or sea transportation. You must maximize tray space.

  lower the cost

  Nesting or stacking items in containers can reduce costs. Although packaging must provide the greatest degree of protection, you must also avoid using too much material or transporting "air freight" products. Waste removal is the buyer's expense.


  Due to its unsustainability and high material and processing costs, importers are increasingly banning the use of wooden boxes and packaging. Economical and sustainable packaging materials are more popular. The use of biodegradable packaging materials may be a market opportunity. For some buyers, it may even be a demand.

  Mildew proof

  Wooden items may become moldy or cracked, so you need to properly dry the wood after production. Condensation inside the container during transportation may cause mold because the humid air becomes colder at night and warmer during the day. You need proper ventilation inside the container to prevent this. Before shipment, the container must be checked for air holes. You can also place products and metal key boxes to reduce the humidity between the goods. Make sure to follow the importer's instructions.

  Consumer packaging

  The consumer packaging of the candle holder adds value to the product in the form of branded gift packaging. The gift box can be the original export packaging or a box provided by the retailer. The candle holder itself can be used as a gift wrap, wrapping molded candles, and increasing its value by providing decorative value.