There Are Many Plastic Part Moulds On The Car Body

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There are many plastic part mould on the car body, including car bumpers.

There are many plastic part mould on the car body, including car bumpers. The car bumper is a safety device that absorbs and relaxes the external impact and protects the front and rear of the body. It is generally composed of three parts: plastic bumper, cushioning material and beam. Plastic bumpers have strength, rigidity and decoration. From a safety point of view, they can act as a buffer when a car crashes and protect the front and rear car bodies; from the appearance point of view, they can be naturally integrated with the car body and become a whole Integral, with very good decoration, become an important part of decorating the car's appearance.

The shape of the front bumper of the car is similar to the saddle shape, the material is PP+EPDM-TD20, and the shrinkage rate is 0.95%. Among them, the Chinese name of PP is polypropylene, which is the main material of the bumper. The Chinese name of EPDM is EPDM, which can improve the elasticity of the bumper cover, and TD20 means that 20% of the talcum powder is added to the material, which can improve The rigidity of the bumper cover.

The Front bumper mould of the automobile adopts the internal parting technology, which passes through the hot runner and is controlled by the sequence valve to enter the glue. The inverted buckle on both sides adopts the structure of large inclined top sleeve, horizontal inclined top and straight top. Because the straight top and the inclined top are large, the inclined top rod and the straight top rod adopt 50-60mm, and the horizontal inclined top rod adopts 25-35mm. The ejection angle of the large inclined top is 16 degrees. For the ejection angle greater than 12 degrees, the guide rod structure must be designed. Therefore, the guide rod structure is designed for the large inclined top of the mold.