Main Features of Bottle Blowing Machine

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Master Packing manufacturing design and produce the fully automatic Bottle Blowing Machine more than 20 years, now we can produce 1 —16 cavity,10ml

Master Packing manufacturing design and produce the fully automatic Bottle Blowing Machine more than 20 years, now we can produce 1 —16 cavity,10ml-—30L PET bottle with the output 100—19,200BPH.AII Master blowing machine can connect to the filling line. Master packing supply bottle blowing mold and preform and cap injection mold. Our quick change blow mold can save a lot of time and effort on change mold.

The role of the heating system: heating the preform to obtain plasticity that facilitates press processing. The heating system is composed of a lamp tube, a reflector, an air blowing device, a cooling device and the like. The far-infrared tube in the oven radiates and heats the preform. Due to the presence of the reflector, both sides of the preform are simultaneously heated, and the preform moves forward while rotating, so that the heat is more uniform. The blower in the oven thermally cycles the system to make the oven temperature uniform. The function of the cooling device is to cool the mouth of the bottle to stabilize the size of the bottle mouth. In order to obtain a good product, it is very important to heat this process. To ensure that the heating temperature is appropriate, the preform is heated evenly. If the temperature is too high, the bottle may be coked, white fog, too thin or even cracked; if the temperature is too low, the bottle may be partially accumulated, whitened or even broken. If the temperature is not uniform, it may cause the bottle to deform or even rupture.


Easy maintenance

Easy mold handling, and Easy operation

High ProductivityLow Power Consumption

Production Display

Man-Machine Interfacing Facility

Temperature Indication

Electrical and Electronic Control Panel With Low Voltage Circuitry

Programmable Based Advanced Automatic PLC Control Panel

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