Path Of Exile Shape Maps Beginner Guide

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Path of exile shape maps can help to drop easy maps with more monsters, boss and make more currency.


Path of exile shape maps can help to drop easy maps with more monsters, boss and make more currency. there are over 150 different maps in path of exile and it's not easy for a beginner to select which maps to shape and how to shape the atlas, here will introduce the path of exile shape maps guide with shape items you need, maps recommended for each tier and the method to shape your atlas and farm poe currency fast on any builds.

what poe items you need to shape maps/atlas?poe maps shaping is to increase the map tiers. for example, the strand is a t6 level map, the shaped strand map is t11. shaper's orb is a non-tradable consumable poe item, which can be used for upgrade the map tiers, makes the maps drops have the shaped prefix and upgraded tier. a shaper's orb grants +5 to the tier of those maps.

which poe maps you should shape/lock?if you want to avoid dropping the maps you don't want to play at all, you have to shape the map connects to it. an ordinary high-level map must be connected with similar high-level maps. most of these connected maps are the ones you don't want to play, so no matter how you unlock them, maps you unlike will fall off. the solution to this problem is to select shaped maps. to get more poe weapons, orbs, unique items, and more as the bonus, we need to seal the maps that easy to complete (linear layout) and can get more beneficial divination card.

poe 3.5 shape maps recommended based on divination cardsmap tier 1: channel

map tier 2: pen

map tier 3: shipyard

map tier 4: crater

map tier 5: jungle valley

map tier 6: volcano

map tier 7: bazaar

map tier 8: laboratory

map tier 9: waterways

map tier 10: spider forest

poe betrayal shape maps recommended based on the linear layoutmap tier 1: atoll

map tier 2: armoury

map tier 3: peninsula

map tier 4: beach

map tier 5: alleyways

map tier 6: volcano

map tier 7: toxic sewer

map tier 8: promenade

map tier 9: temple

map tier 10: belfry

how to shape maps/atlas for poe beginner and farm currency fast in mapping?- open t1-t6 tier map, play until to the elder area, choose one of t7, t8, t9, t10 to get orbs.

- after obtaining tier 1-5 shaper's orb, use the tier 2 shaper's orb to shape t2 map that can get the chains that bind, shape t3 map for headhunter, and t5 map. the tier 1 and tier 4 shaper's orb does not need to be shaped to avoid influence the drop rate of tier 2 and tier 3. you can use the upgraded map exchange for poe currency.

- play other dark gold maps as more as possible.

  • after getting 5 tiers shaper's orb, shape the t7-t10 map, the solution is to sell 3 master cartographer's sextant and orb of scouring to the vendor for cartographer's seal.

note:because the map level is not high, the requirement for builds intensity is low, you need to take a complete set of poe items for making currency especially in the case of insufficient funds in the early stage, make sure to take belts, boots and more, if the ventor's gamble isn't affordable to you, you can use thief's torment instead of it.

That's all in this guide. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. And if you want to enhance your Path of Exile experience - You can come to the safe POE Currency Shop : to get more poe currency to enjoy the game