Inspection Of The Start-up Of Fruit Drying Equipment

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GF Machine's fruit drying equipment has low drying temperature, high drying rate, energy saving, good airtightness, and easy solvent recovery.

Fruit Drying Equipment is mainly composed of cylinder, mixing shaft, transmission system and sealing device. The heat required for drying is mainly provided by the mixing shaft and the jacket of the cylinder. After the heating medium passes into the equipment, the heat indirectly heats the material through the jacket and the stirring shaft, the moisture in the wet material is heated and vaporized, and the vaporized moisture is pumped away by the vacuum system in time. With the continuous rotation of the stirring shaft, the contact between the material and the heating surface is continuously updated, so that the material is heated evenly, so as to achieve a good drying effect.
Check the boot:
1. Check whether the transmission parts and sealing parts of the machine body are intact; whether the cylinder body is clean and dry; check whether the filter head of the vacuum suction port is dry (the adhesion of materials will affect the vacuum pumping rate during use)
2. Close the discharge port valve cover.
Fruit drying equipment operation:
1. Open the feed port to start feeding.
2. Turn on the vacuum pump, when the tank reaches a certain degree of vacuum, insert the material tube into the powder, use the vacuum to suck the material into the tank, the filling should not exceed 0.5 of the volume, and the material must not contain hard fast materials, If the density or water content of the material is too large, the amount of feed should be reduced.
3. If vacuum feeding is used, the pumping is completely closed, the feed port is connected to the atmosphere, the valve on the vacuum line is closed, the feed inlet is removed, the feed pipe cap is installed, and the feed cover (or manhole cover) is closed. And to ensure that its sealing performance is good.
4. Open the vacuum line valve to make the inside of the tank reach a certain degree of vacuum.
5. Turn on the transmission motor to make the spindle start and rotate in a balanced manner.
6. Open the heating steam or hot water valve of the jacket and the rake shaft to heat the tank body and the rake shaft to dry the materials.
7. According to the operating experience, the recovery of dissolved coal, and the temperature inside the device, when confirming that the material drying process in the tank has ended, shut off the steam (or hot water) and wait for the material to reach the appropriate temperature, close the vacuum pipeline valve, and open The vent valve on the vacuum system connects the atmosphere to the tank, and the rake shaft continues to run in preparation for discharge. (While sampling is required during the drying process, the host button and power must be turned off)
8. Open the discharge valve to discharge, after the discharge is closed, turn off the host operation button and cut off the power.
9. Make sure that the power is off and there is a guard to clean the residue in the tank or on the rake shaft, and close the discharge hole cover to prevent flying dust from entering the tank.
GF Machine's fruit drying equipment has low drying temperature, high drying rate, energy saving, good airtightness, and easy solvent recovery. It is especially suitable for materials that are not resistant to high temperature, easy to oxidize at high temperature or easily produce powder when dried (such as Dyestuffs), as well as drying operations that require the recovery of solvents, and have the advantages of quality preservation and no damage to the inherent properties of the materials. They are widely used in petrochemicals, food, medicine, dyes and other industries.