Chivalrous and heroic

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Chivalrous and heroicChivalrous and heroicChivalrous and heroicChivalrous and heroic

"You don't have to worry," said the old man. "Father must find your brother." Looking back slowly, he said to the six men in a deep voice, "Get up!" As if granted amnesty, the six men stood up, bowed their heads and bowed their hands, not daring to look at the old man, and were extremely respectful. The old man asked again, "Have you ever seen my adopted brother?"? Appearance, dress, figure are similar to him, according to the truth, don't lie to the old man! Speaking of his words, he stretched out his hand and pointed to Pinger. The six men looked up at Pinger and answered in unison, "How dare you cheat your subordinates? I've never seen the same young man." Pinger's face was filled with disappointment. The old man took one look at the six men. Suddenly his face turned cold and he said, "Why don't you hand over what you stole?" As soon as everyone's face changed, they all answered with fear, "My subordinates just don't want to die of old age on the island. They wanted to cross the Central Plains to the west and vowed to do something earth-shaking. They didn't steal anything from the island. Please ask the deputy island owner to be observant." When Pinger heard this, he was stunned. He was originally clever and intelligent, and immediately expected that the Marquis of Helian Yan was the deputy owner of Yuzhong Island. Mufuzhao said with a sneer, "The two swords, Juque and Qinghong, were not stolen, but could they have flown from the sky?" The six men looked miserable and regretted that they had not put Mufuzhao to death earlier, so that they were in trouble and hung their heads in silence. The old man glanced at Mufuzhao and said, "There's no need for you to talk too much. I know all about this." After saying that, he gave a cold sneer and made a move to the cliff with his right hand. Two gray figures, jumping down the cliff, leap in front of the old man holding two swords. As soon as the old man raised his hand and took the two swords, one of the men in white suddenly took out an old yellow thread-bound sutra book from his bosom and handed it to the old man. Pinger stood beside the Marquis of Helian Yan and saw clearly the four words "Wind and Thunder True Sutra" written in ink on the Sutra Book. Although the handwriting was mottled, it was still very clear. With a look of joy on his face,ultrasonic dispersing machine, the old man put the Wind and Thunder Sutra into his bosom and said with a sneer, "Clever words and words, deceiving the class elders, each of you should cut off three fingers of your left hand." Immediately, a man in white walked quickly in front of the six men, holding hands with his backhand, a dazzling cold light came on, and his left hand grabbed the left wrist of the ghost Xiao Qi. The knife flashed, the red light burst out, three knuckles fell on the snow, Xiao Qi did not hum, gritted his teeth to endure. Pinger was shocked to see it. The man in white moved so quickly that he finished the punishment of the six people's severed fingers and jumped back to the original place. The old man said, "If I hadn't been in need of help, I would have been deceived and dismembered." Then he added, "Zou Jing can feed an elixir in each person's mouth." The man in white, who had just been struggling with Pinger, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic molten metal, flew away, holding a porcelain vase with a thin neck in his hand. He poured out a green pill as big as a bean and held it in the palm of his hand. He shouted to Xiao Qi, "Your Lord has given me the gift. Why don't you open your mouth?" Xiao Qi saw that the pill was as fearful as a snake and scorpion. His eyes were full of fear, but he dared not disobey his orders. He reluctantly opened his mouth. With a bang, Zou Jing held the palm of the pill and pressed it on Xiao Qi's mouth, forcing his breath back, and the pill went down his throat. According to this method, the other five people were also forced to take the green pill. "I don't know what this pill does," said Pinger. "But they're as fearful as snakes and scorpions. It must be extremely vicious." At this moment, the six men were still standing with their hands down, but one by one they were sweating like rain on their foreheads. Helian Yanhou suddenly attacked with one hand and pointed two fingers at Mufuzhao's chest. Mufuzhao's fingers fell down. The old man said, "Take this man back." Zou Jing jumped over and took Mufuzhao under his arm. The ten men in white, who had been ordered to search, rushed back to the Marquis of Helian Yan. One of them bowed and said, "Lord of the Forbidden Order, I have not found the younger brother of Lord of the Young Order." "He Lian Yan Hou Ren De was stunned. He looked at Pinger and said," Your brother has already left. There's no need to worry. There's always a time to meet. Let's go. " With a wave of his hand, dozens of men in white surrounded Yao and other six people ran down the valley. As soon as Pinger's lips moved, she suddenly held back, sighed in the dark, and went away like an electric star shot from the Marquis of Helian Yan. Yue Yang appeared alone in the world of ice and snow. He looked at the body, which was covered with snow, and after a moment, the ugly traces were all obliterated. The wind was howling and snowflakes were flying all over the sky. Other than that, everything seemed primitive and silent. Without seeing Pinger's figure, Yue Yang sighed a long sigh and ran to Shanhaiguan with a sense of loss. He knew that Pinger would not abandon him for no reason. He must have met with some accident or lost contact with him because he couldn't catch up with him. He hoped that Pinger would return to the inn and wait for him first because he couldn't catch up with him. He regretted that he had rushed up Jieshi Mountain in a moment of excitement, and then did not turn around to see if Pinger had followed him. He blamed himself for everything. He set foot on his way home in a daze, and it was already dark when he returned to the inn. At that moment, he was full of melancholy, unmoved by the firecracker and the happy atmosphere of the New year, and only felt depressed by a kind of sadness. When the bartender saw him returning alone, he looked at him in surprise with his big eyes open and hesitated to speak. Last night, the sound of shouts in the shop woke up all the people in the shop. They did not dare to go out to look around because they were timid. When they visited at dawn, they found that the passengers in the courtyard room were like yellow cranes, and the scattered things were still intact. The shopkeeper was well-informed and expected that something had happened, so he told the bartender not to touch the guest's things and leave them for the guest to return. All the guests in the hotel were talking about it, and the casual suspicion was used as a talking point after dinner. At this moment, Yue Yang only looked at the bartender lightly, asked Ming Pinger had not returned, and went back to the middle of the room to lean on the couch. He felt uneasy, restless, alone, empty and lonely. Half a day later, he intuited that nine times out of ten Pinger had been taken captive by the old man in white whom he had seen in Jieshi Mountain. Listen to six people call the old man in white as the deputy island owner, is it the deputy of Xiang Qiu Jushi in Yuzhong Island, then the six people must be fishermen in the sea. He had a brainwave, and there seemed to be a beacon of hope burning in his heart. Gong Tiandao Laoshan once said that the chaos in Wulin was becoming more and more obvious, and gangs and sects were springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Most of the leaders were unknown. The old man in white was obviously one of them. As long as he was patient to investigate openly and secretly, the truth would come out. Yue Yang concluded that Pinger could not return to the inn, so he decided to leave Shanhaiguan. Spring in the south of the Yangtze River is warm,ultrasonic metal welding, green willows are smoky, and peaches and apricots are in full bloom, which makes people relaxed.