Don't flirt with me when wearing the villain.

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A disciple said, "Why should we.." Worship this foreign disciple as a teacher?

As soon as something happened to him, the suzerain would blame them, and gradually the other people who took care of him did not want to take care of the hard work, and put the heavy responsibility on Xia Goodnight. Facts have proved that Rong Xuanjing is mentally retarded, but also a particularly difficult mentally retarded. Without other people to take care of him, he specially bothered Xia Wanan, and always let Xia Wanan make a fool of himself at the behest of others. For example, before taking a shower in the summer evening, he broke in because others were scared, and the mentally retarded ran in. There are all kinds of black history, which is a bitter tear to mention. Recalling the bad experience of that emergency meeting, Xia Wanan panicked. It's not about the retarded baby this time, is it? Summer good night has a bad feeling, but since this is the suzerain's instructions, she can not pretend not to hear. Summer good night or follow the memory, went to the meeting place. Sure enough, all the inner disciples of the dormitory went in that direction. They soon came to a hall where a beaded curtain hung on a throne at the top of the hall, and a graceful figure was reflected in it. In fact, no one has ever known what the suzerain of the Tiannu Sect looks like. I only know that the suzerain has profound magic power,ceramic bobbin heater, is a woman, and has a kind character. And then there was none. No one knew what she looked like until the teddy man appeared and accidentally broke the suzerain to take a bath, and then the suzerain had to marry each other for the sake of reputation. Hey, it's a trick to say too much. It is still the kind of unfashionable routine more than ten years ago. Summer good night is still sighing, listen to the suzerain to speak, "silence." Suddenly, the hall where hundreds of inner disciples gathered was quiet. The voice of Tiannu Zongzhu is very gentle,Ozone generator ceramic plate, as clear as a trickle, but with an indisputable momentum of being in a high place. "Surely you all know why we called you here," she said. Summer good night with a confused face. We have no idea. Tell me, I'm not alone. She looked at the people around her subconsciously and found that their faces were not full of black question marks. You're alone. The system says. Summer evening: "… …" I'm not listening. I'm not listening. This is very embarrassing for Thomas. Summer good night is still in the egg pain, fortunately the suzerain did not continue to keep in suspense, continued to say up. You must be ready for this conference. At that time, the strongest will be selected to become the next generation suzerain of the Tiannu Sect. For this reason, I have invited some brothers and sisters from the Outer Sect, who are all outstanding in the sect. You must stand up for the Heavenly Maiden before them. "Yes, suzerain!" The inner disciples roared in chorus. Oh, it's to carry on the family line. No, passing the throne to find an heir. Xia Wanan scratched her chin. It had nothing to do with her. She was just cannon fodder for those excellent inner disciples. 、454. No Chapter 454 is a kind of Marvin Good evening in summer. I don't understand much. In fact, it's all right if I don't understand. After all, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,7g Ozone Generator, it doesn't have much to do with her. Passed a little while, listen to suzerain to continue to say again: "I will let elder brothers and sisters come to choose the disciple that oneself take a fancy to, you need to follow them to learn only namely, will learn everything to reveal in the meeting in the future, understand?" "Yes!" At the mention of choosing apprentices, the crowd boiled up, mixed with a riot and a whisper of discussion. Do you think Elder Martial Brother will choose me? "That Elder Martial Brother is the most powerful. I heard that he is a member of the Tianhuo Sect. He is the best disciple, the first!"! We didn't see the Warcraft he hunted before, but it was a high-level Warcraft. "Yes, I really don't know who Elder Martial Brother will choose. I hope he will choose me." Summer evening looks askance. The brother who hunts Warcraft? She seems to have heard someone else in the dormitory mention it. Oh, it was the man who wanted to make trouble for her, and then he was persuaded to go to see the Elder Martial Brother. She didn't pay much attention at that time, and she didn't expect that the senior fellow apprentice was so awesome. Awesome. 【……】 There are only female disciples in Tiannu Sect. Except for the special case of Rong Xuanjing, a senior fellow apprentice suddenly appeared. Are you ashamed to notice it now? If the system doesn't speak, I'll look at it. Quiet The voice of the suzerain sounded, "Next, let's invite the brothers and sisters to come." The crowd suddenly fell into silence, so quiet that a pin dropped on the ground could be heard clearly. Summer night is silent, staring at the floor. She wanted to see what would happen if she dropped a needle, but. Well, think about it and forget it. Outside the door came the man's hearty laughter, "I'm the only rough man here, isn't it good?!" "It's Brother Jin!" There was a small cheer from the crowd. It seems that this Elder Martial Brother Jin is very popular, and he has a lot of fans. Elder Martial Brother Jin was followed by a group of younger sisters, who were either comely or flirtatious, but it was not unusual in Tiannu Zong, a place full of younger sisters. The strangest one is the only male, brother Jin. I don't know what to call summer good night. Let's call him brother panda. Summer goodnight couldn't control herself and began to give nicknames to others again. She really admires herself, reading comprehension full marks, but also to seize the characteristics of the other side of the nickname, such a way to let people remember it, right?! There's nothing wrong! "Start choosing your apprentices." Behind the curtain, the suzerain said with a smile, "Then I won't be called Elder Martial Brother or Elder Martial Sister, but Master." "Dare to ask the suzerain." A disciple said, "Why should we.." Worship this foreign disciple as a teacher? Generally speaking, this kind of thing is to find their own people, right. Although the elder brothers and sisters of the Outer Sect are powerful, they are not members of the Tiannu Sect. The suzerain smiled. "Do you know who the elder martial sisters opposite you are?"? They are all elites trained from my Tiannu Sect. The disciples are confused. The suzerain did not speak again. Elder Martial Brother Jin smiled and said, "The most outstanding disciple of the Tiannu Sect will become the suzerain. The rest of the elite disciples can choose to enter other sects.". This time I came here, but I was aiming at choosing a satisfactory disciple and bringing him back to Zongmen. His tone was raised, and it was called a temptation. When a disciple saw it,ceramic welding tape, he couldn't help holding his face and screaming in a low voice, but he didn't care about anything else. Summer good night is a face of confusion, some do not understand.