Mortal-As soon as he gritted his teeth

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As soon as he gritted his teeth, his body moved and he barely controlled his body and sat up in the pit.

At the same time, the nine puppets held the silver dagger in their hands, and a layer of golden sè flame emerged from their bodies. Gold flames and silver armor set off each other, making these puppets as majestic as heavenly soldiers and generals. But these puppets are not embroidered pillows, at the same time as the golden flame, a huge spiritual pressure has risen from these puppets. This spiritual pressure is so powerful that it instantly makes the heaven and earth near the high platform roll for a while, and finally forms a golden hurricane, which roars wildly. Han Li, who was more than thirty Zhangs away, was just wiped a little by the edge of the hurricane. As a result, his face changed greatly, as if he had been hit by a huge force. His body flashed golden light, like a giant crossbow. In an instant, he reappeared more than twenty Zhangs away, and after several stumbles, he managed to stabilize his figure. The spiritual pressure of these puppets is so strong that it is so terrible. Even with his physical body, which was a little stronger than the ordinary holy order, he did not have the appearance of resisting for a moment. Han Li was surprised and shocked, but he did not care about it for a moment, and hurriedly raised his head and looked at the stage. I saw the nine soldiers in the golden sun, originally pointing to the silver in the sky, with a tremor, each spurting out a golden light column,whirlpool hot tub spa, running to the golden light group in the sky. In a flash, he disappeared into it. Suddenly, a strange sound of "rumbling" came from the light group, and the glow inside turned quickly, and a huge whirlpool was slowly forming. With a splash, the light of the three s sè in the huge light array flowed in a burst, and a three s sè rune, almost the same size as the light array,indoor endless pool, emerged slowly from it and shot into the air in a flash. Moments later, the giant rune sank into the golden s sè whirlpool. There was a violent rolling of the golden glow, a thunderbolt from the blue sky, and then a dense wave of space emanated from the whirlpool. With a few loud bangs, the golden sè light column spewed out from Jiashi's silver dagger was more than twice as thick as a bowl. And the light array on the table is even more brilliant, unexpectedly condensed into a solid layer of three s sè light curtain, the whole high platform is covered under it. In the light curtain, countless gold and silver runes emerged crazily, with bursts of Sanskrit sound straight to the seat of Sanskrit gold body flying away, the whole light array was inspired to the limit, buzzing like thunder deafening up! At the same time, Han Li body suddenly felt around a dark scene, a concentrated look under, the result immediately under a big jump. Once again, he was in the huge starry sky that he had seen once before. Only this time, it seems that from a strange angle, outdoor endless pool ,whirlpool hot tub, looking down at everything, there are big white stars floating beside him. And the golden body and the chair, as well as the three s s è light array under the foot, Jia Shi, the golden s s è whirlpool and other things are also in the starry sky. Han Li almost without thinking, suddenly sleeve robe a shake, a Niu Xu flying sword shot out. A circle turns into a blue light. A flash of cold light! In the place where the blue light passed, several stars were scattered. But a moment later, the stars that had been cut apart were restored with a flash of white light. When Han Li saw this, he raised his eyebrows, but in his heart he relaxed slightly. This starry sky does not seem to be a complete fantasy. This time, his mind remained unusually clear, and he did not lose himself in a twinkling of an eye. However, this kind of thought just flashed through Han Li's heart, and the space fluctuation in the golden s sè whirlpool became several times stronger. Waves, which seemed to be tangible, turned into a circle of waves visible to the naked eye, spurted out of the whirlpool and scattered in all directions. Everywhere I passed, the void was in a vague trance, and the whole starry sky seemed to turn upside down in an instant, without autonomy. Text Volume 9 Spirit World Hundred Clans Chapter 1717 Advanced Han Li and the second yuan Ying, at the same time, felt as if their bodies and divine consciousness had been scraped over and over again by countless sharp blades. What's more, this kind of pain can't be alleviated or resisted by magic power or any magical power at all, so that they can only bear the extreme pain of thousands of cuts directly like ordinary mortals. Therefore, even Han Li's body can directly resist the damage of flying sword and knife, but in this kind of dramatic pain, even the magic power in his body is out of control for a while, and falls directly. There was a dull thud. Although he was in great pain, the true magic power of Sanskrit on his body did not dissipate, and this mere height naturally could not damage his physical body. Instead, the ground was smashed into a small pit by the strong body, and some rubble splashed out. Han Li had no time to pay attention to these small things, the sound of pain in his mouth was only the beginning of the sound, and then his lips were tightly closed and forced to hold back, but his face was slightly blue. This kind of pain is really very human can endure, he can only rely on their own tenacious will to desperately resist it. In this case, Han Li only felt that his primordial spirit was unusually hot, as if it was wrapped in an inexplicable heat, and even the soul inside was burning fiercely. Although Han Li managed to maintain a trace of the heart of Pure Brightness, the heart is still greatly shocked. As soon as he gritted his teeth, his body moved and he barely controlled his body and sat up in the pit. Cross your knees, pinch your hands, and let out the golden light on your body again. After he got a little used to the pain on his body, he even wanted to use the power of Sanskrit's magic skill to forcibly dispel the abnormality on his body. But the next ancient 1, the thing that made him stupefied was born. As soon as the spiritual power in his body runs, the pain turns into a stream of cool air pouring into the meridians, turning into a strange energy that he has never seen before, pushing the Sanskrit True Magic Skill to run at a terrible speed. After a weekly cycle, his preparation increased a little inexplicably. However, these increases are not too much relative to the total amount,endless swim spa, but they are really increasing out of thin air. Moreover, the strange improvement of this kind of cultivation is still improving with the operation of the Sanskrit True Magic Skill. How could he not be surprised and delighted to have such a good thing! Han Li did not think about the reason at all. Without saying a word, he closed his eyes tightly and concentrated on practicing under the flash of golden light on his body.