Infinite seckill of online games

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Pepper smirked maliciously, "Brother, it seems that your armguard is still alloy-grade, right?"

Back to the studio, because the time is still early, we can catch up on sleep, because last night's sleep is not early, so most of the MM are very sleepy, back to the room after the silence. And I closed the door, and not long after I closed my eyes, I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door behind me, before I could react, an exquisite body had thrown itself into my arms, and then I felt a sharp pain in my neck, as if I had been bitten by a vampire. When he opened his eyes again, the perpetrator adjusted his clothes with a contented smile. "Hum, it tastes good." I burst into tears. "Whoo, did I provoke you?" She pointed to the sweater hanging in front of my door and said, "Anyway, with this cover, it's not short of a lipstick." I smirked and said, "This one is not bad!" As I spoke, I reached out to grab her, but unfortunately, she flashed sideways, avoided my attack, and ran back to her room decisively. I said gloomily,mirror stainless steel sheet, "Damn, the Dwarf's agility is not high!" After this fatal blow, I couldn't sleep any more, so I got up and went to make breakfast for some MMs. From 7:30 this morning, we will embark on the expedition to the Kalama Tower to carry out the difficult task of the Seven Artifacts. Chapter 415 war and civil strife? After breakfast, I did a hundred arm exercises according to the doctor's advice, and then I went online. (-Read the web) All the members of the studio appeared in front of me, plus a supernumerary love of autumn rain, including me,304 Stainless Steel Wire, a total of eight people, just in line with the entry criteria of the Kalama Tower. I shared the task directly with everyone. [Seven Artifacts? Chop Heaven Dao ]: Heavenly Sword, a weapon used by the Terran hero Nilbon in the Tianmo War. With his death, it cuts iron like mud and has the power to create the world. Nilbon was killed by the Earth Storm Star Jit and the Earth Ghost Star Mirez in the Tianmo War. After his death, the sword fell into the hands of the Earth Storm Star. It hid the sword in the Kalarma Tower west of the imperial capital, and its confidant, the one-eyed stone man? Giant roar watch 。 As the Kalarma Tower is full of magic objects, it is extremely dangerous, so it is recommended that you take a few powerful teammates with you. Task Difficulty: B Top Grade requirement: above Grade 100 Number required: 8 …… My level is now only 12% short of level 110, so when I go out today, I wear the Supreme Helmet, the Blade of the Gale and the Magic Egg directly on my body. It is estimated that my level will be up to the standard if the whole tower can't clear the first floor. The coordinates of the Kalarma Tower are very clear on the map, 45 kilometers west of the Imperial Dragon City. It seems to be very far, but in fact, after entering the first level of the main city, there are many more teleportation points. There is a teleportation point near the Kalarma Tower, which costs 90 gold coins. With a flash of silver in front of us, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, we had already appeared in the village near Kalalma Tower. It was strange that we could not find a NP except a teleporter. Several small houses around us had no roofs and were badly damaged. What was more surprising was that there were many dense bones around us. The color on the ground also makes people feel a little restless, the black soil is not hard, there are obvious depressions after stepping down, and, stained on the boots, is a scarlet color. This area is called Kalarma, which is given in the Jihad Encyclopedia. Kalarma is the place where the war raged during the Tianmo War. Numerous battles have broken out. Whether it is the human race, dark elves, sea elves, wolf orcs and dwarves representing the righteous race, or the gods of heaven, or the evil gods of the Demons, they have invested a lot of troops here. The two sides fought fiercely for many days and nights, killing corpses and rivers of blood, so that the soil here was soaked with blood and dirty magic blood. It was here that the Terran hero Nilbon, the master of the Heavenly Blade, died in battle. The intrepid Terran God of War used his own strength to shake the Earth Storm Star Jit and the Earth Ghost Star Mirez, who ranked third and fourth among the twelve stars of the Demon God, and finally died of exhaustion. Although he was an evil God, Geet had great respect for Nirbon. He not only buried his body, but also built a nine-story tower in the Kalarma area. He hid the sword on the ninth floor of the tower and sent his confidant to guard it. Therefore, this tower is called the Kalarma Tower. The big map is blood-red, which is enough to indicate that this area is the Demon area. When our footsteps just left the desolate village, we saw the players who were killing monsters in the distance. These players were all in the early 100 levels. They were a team of six people. Their IDs looked familiar. They were all prefixes of ancient confusion. As a typical rich second generation, his equipment is quite good, a high-grade metal armor, arm actually attached to a layer of light purple, that is the symbol of purple gold. And his side of the ancient confused pheasant, ancient confused big day, ancient confused big fly and thirteen younger sister, their equipment is also good, bright flash with eye-catching luster. Pepper smirked maliciously, "Brother, it seems that your armguard is still alloy-grade, right?" This sentence drifted down the wind to the ears of the ancient confused team in the distance, and they immediately turned their heads alertly and found us. Confused pheasant depressed wry smile, "pepper elder sister, you don't amuse a few elder brothers, with your present strength, two slaps still don't beat us to fly." Confused Haonan lightly coughed, "rely on, you this fellow don't so crow mouth, how to say also have three slap is not." Thirteen younger sister stood quite flat scale, contemptuous way, "you two sad guys, will only destroy their own prestige." Confused Haonan is a tiger body shock, "thirteen, these are not the point, the point is that you can help me shake the blood, I'm dying." Only then did I turn my attention to the monster he was slashing, the 135-level elite skeleton monster, armed with a battle axe, the upper limit of attack power is 33500. A heavy blow fell on his body, smashed off 49850 blood,stainless steel welded pipe, very strong, with the ability to enrich the blood of thirteen younger sisters, they are too difficult to mix here.