May you be unbridled and gentle.

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"I don't remember." After a long time, Chen Heng answered without admitting or denying it. The tone is a little lonely.

"I don't remember." After a long time, Chen Heng answered without admitting or denying it. The tone is a little lonely. It seemed that there really was such a girl who smiled and gave her life to him. He couldn't remember who it was, and he felt that she was beside him, and he thought of her vaguely, as if he had no regrets at all. If you really left any debt of love before, do you remember to choose her or me? Du Jiuzhen went to his side and stared at him, waiting for him to answer. Chen Heng hesitated. He always feels that there is a second person, but it seems that there is no one. Du Jiuzhen saw that he did not answer, but smiled. He answered that she was the one who felt uncomfortable, so it was better not to answer. The next day, Yan Zheng brought several clothes to Chen Heng. It's all new. Although Du Jiuzhen said yesterday that he would take Huo Hengnian's clothes for him, he did not do so. He's not gonna be happy. Du Jiuzhen did not come, but Yan Zheng took him to the old house of the Du family. Yan Zheng is very familiar with the road. Chen Heng followed all the way to come over, looking at the environment around the house, he estimated the way, unexpectedly also was he guessed right. It's like walking by. More than once. Mr. Chen. Yan Zheng looked back and said, "The road ahead is a little slippery. Be careful." There was a forest ahead, and moss grew on the flagstone road, so it was not very convenient to walk. In addition,Self-closing Shower Valve, the mountain is wet and slippery. Chen Heng nodded to show that he knew. Do you know Grandpa Jiuzhen? After a long silence, Chen Heng asked Yan Zheng. Not that bad Yan Zheng thought about it and answered, "Even though I've met a few times, I don't know much about it." "After all, I am not the Du family, or I have met the old man several times with our family before, and I have followed the young lady these two years." I don't see too much. Solemn explanation. Du Qinggeng,Stainless Steel Toilet China, after all, delegated power to Du Jiuzhen, who lived in the mountains for a long time and was not in charge. Of course, it's not easy to see at ordinary times. Are you in charge? Chen Heng questioned. He had always thought that Du Jiuzhen was his master, but it sounded as if he was not. Huo is in charge. As he spoke, he went through the woods and reached the door. Yan Zheng did not seem to want to continue to talk about this topic with Chen Heng, stopped at the door, and did not go any further. Just made a "please" gesture toward the inside. " Miss is inside. Mr. Du, please go in. Then he nodded respectfully to Chen Heng and returned the same way. Chen Heng glanced at his back, still thinking about the three words he had just said, "Huo is in charge," and suddenly felt funny. Du Jiuzhen's side. The shadow of that man is really indispensable. To leave behind someone who is loyal to her. When Du Qiyang stepped on the small high heel to come back, only Cheng Yan was in the hall on the first floor. She was particularly beautiful today, Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, dressed in a delicate and beautiful little dress, with her hair pulled up, revealing a graceful and smooth neck, and her ears shining in the sun. Du Qiyang sat down on the sofa, rubbing his ankles and humming, complaining in his mouth. That dog man was too much. He gave me a pair of high heels so that I could compete with those little stars. Du Qiyang flattened his mouth, his voice was soft as water, his slender legs bent to one side, and his skin was white. She has beautiful legs. Well-proportioned, without a trace of excess fat, a pair of legs from top to bottom, snow-white without flaws. He didn't open his dog's eyes to see if there was any comparison between them and me. Du Qiyang scolded vigorously. Sister, haven't you finished the play yet? Cheng Yan sat on the edge of the sofa, crossed his legs, and his face was too coquettish in the sun. The second generation of small and rich people have been spoiled by you. Cheng Yan felt that the two sisters of the Du family were not quite normal. Du Jiuzhen don't say first, this wench found an amnesiac Huo Hengnian, still hiding not to tell him, like a big move. Du Qiyang is even more fascinated. The overlord of the second generation of the small rich, she followed the plan. As a result, it has been almost a year now, and she plays the drama of Cinderella Canary with people every day. Cheng Yan thought, this day the rich second generation knew that this girl was Miss Du, and he had to take a quick-acting heart-saving pill to come back. Fu Dongcheng is an old dog. Du Qiyang scolded, remembering that the dog man kissed her leg last night and lured her to play something he liked. It's not humane. Tossing and turning. She was given a pair of such high shoes the next morning. Du Qiyang almost lost her temper, but she held back. Who told her to actually like that dog man, in addition to a face of nothing, people are also bad, bad to the bone. Du Qiyang didn't know why he liked him. She found a reason to go home, and then she had a chance to come back and relax. You just play and don't let your sister know. Cheng Yan looked up at her and reminded her, "Otherwise, your sister should go to Fu Dongcheng's house." Du Jiuzhen has always spoiled his own sister, and if she knew that she was secretly with such a person outside, it would be strange if she could let people go. I know that my brother-in-law is excellent, so my sister definitely doesn't like Fu Dongcheng. Du Qiyang's voice was lazy, and he didn't care too much: "But my brother-in-law is gone, so let's put his excellence aside for the time being." "After all, there are not many men like my brother-in-law in the world, and she shouldn't use such standards to force the person I like." Du Qiyang clearly knows that there is no comparability between Fu Dongcheng and Huo Hengnian. Fu Dongcheng is a dandy, fun-loving, coquettish old man with broken legs, and there is only one thing in bed forever. And most of the time, Du Qiyang really wanted to slap him to death. Can not bear to maintain their image of the little fairy. So endure it. I want him to report back one day. That's not necessarily true. Cheng Yan laughed and suddenly said so. He means that Huo Heng Nian is not necessarily gone. Not necessarily what? Du Qiyang did not understand what he meant and asked aloud. Before she had finished speaking, someone suddenly came in at the door. Du Qiyang's eyes followed the sound and saw the man who was walking this way through the door. The figure seems a little familiar. A moment against the light Du Qiyang did not see the face,stainless steel squatting pan, such as he came to the front, the face gradually clear up, Du Qiyang suddenly froze.