When the slag meets the blind, wear it quickly.

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Bao Moyuan looked at his slightly shaking nose, there was dew in the cave at night, the temperature was a little low

Bao Moyuan looked at his slightly shaking nose, there was dew in the cave at night, the temperature was a little low, so he simply took off his robe and covered it on the mat. Even though he moved gently, the other party still moved uneasily and patted him on the back to let him sleep better. [Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's not done yet, and it's getting tired of it.] The sound was more ethereal in the empty cave. Bao Moyuan did not answer, but brushed the hair at the corners of his mouth for Mat Mo. Why don't you diss this time? Don't speak for your mat? Reach out to touch the sleeping face of Mat Mo, but afraid to wake each other up, Bao Moyuan clenched his fist [suddenly some regret it]. [Oh] [I was confident that I could make up for all the lost emotions and memories in the original world in the next few years, but if they disappeared completely, I didn't know what to do.] His voice was deep and sad. What should you worry about most, isn't the most serious loss of life value? No one answered, and there was only the sound of quiet breathing in the cave. Early the next morning, Xi Zimo was awakened by the unique chirping of birds and insects in the mountain forest. As soon as he opened his eyes, there was no one around him. As soon as his heart moved, he stood up and was about to chase out with his sword when he met the elegant man who came in from the cave entrance. The man was dressed in a dark gown, the messy and withered hair was black and shiny, neatly tied behind his head, and the stubble on his face was shaved clean somehow, revealing the white and smooth skin of the hidden climate. The mat was bright at the moment, and finally he knew why Yin Yihan, who had a strange temper,saw palmetto extract, would look at Bao Moyuan differently. Not greasy and ruffian, but a handsome school of righteousness. Bao Moyuan looked at the stupefied Mat and said, "Are you awake?"? Where are you going with the sword? "Can't you dance with a sword?" Mat silent mouth hard way, if I find you have the intention to slip away, I will directly treat you as a live target. Bao Moyuan seemed to have just washed his face, and there were still some drops of water on his cheeks. He wiped his face with his sleeve at random, and saw the black lines on the face of the mat. Sure enough, it was gold and jade. Finally, he knew how Bao Moyuan came from before. When he just went to wash his face, Bao Moyuan picked some fresh fruits from the mountain forest as their breakfast. The mat silently watched him wipe the fruits on his sleeve, which was exactly the same as the action of wiping his face just now. In an instant, he lost the desire to taste fresh. Then look around to say him: "Why can you be hit by demon insect bewitching trick?" "Didn't you do it to me?" "That's not what I did to you." "You've put more than one trick on me?" “……” After dinner, the horses were fed and ready to set off. Bao Moyuan tied his luggage to his horse's back and turned to ask Mat Mo, pumpkin seed extract ,jujube seed powder, "Are we going to Mount Song now?" "Who said we were going to Mount Song?" Mat did not look at him, nor did he know what he was thinking? "But two months later, the Wulin Congress will be held in Mount Song." Mat silently squinted at him. "Do you really think you can get to Mount Song unscathed now?"? Do you dare to bet me how many people will be ambushed along the way? I won't stop you if you want to die, but don't pull me. And don't pull my man. Don't think I don't know what you're thinking. So where are we going next? Mat Mo casually pulled up a weed on the roadside, and with a few movements between his fingers, he made up a lifelike bird. Bao Moyuan looked a little stupefied and exclaimed, "How can you still have this skill?" "When I was a child, I stayed in the Palace of the Underworld and learned it when I was bored." The mat straightened the bird's wings and looked at them with satisfaction. "Since we are hesitant, let the bird tell us where to go." With that, the mat gently stroked the bird's body, bent over and whispered something to it, his hands were flat, and the straw bird lying in the palm of his hand actually moved, fluttering its wings and flying towards the sky. Bao Moyuan exclaimed, "This.." What's the magic? It's amazing. ” "You know, I'm the leader of the Demon Sect, and I'm sure I can do some magic tricks that you so-called Wulin Zhengdao despise." Looking at the surprise in each other's eyes, Mat Mo felt inexplicably satisfied, but in the mall to exchange some mutation evolution potion, the country bumpkin to frighten a stupefied, so, also want to fight with me? Do you really think you are teasing children? He's got his tail up in the air. [It's not a trick. After all, he earned every cent of those points.] [What? Are you on the same side as him and think my system is too stingy? He's always surprising me. Where do you think he'll go next? [You're not blind? No. Look, the bird is heading west. Bao Moyuan looked at some complacent mat silent, west, that is the place of Huashan School. Two people toward the west, Bao Moyuan did not ask the mat to do Huashan, just the other side stop and go, occasionally have to get off the horse to enjoy the scenery, this leisurely attitude is obviously not life hanging by a thread of urgency, but like an outing, but also right, anyway, life hanging by a thread is himself, not him. This day, two people stop in a place to rest, blue sky and white clouds, birds and flowers, leisurely environment makes Bao Moyuan sleepy, just one second before he almost fell asleep, suddenly a loud call came from the air: "Wu Ming!" The author has something to say: Tata is busy these days. After this week, we will resume the daily update. Please forgive the little angels. Love you Mada,naringenin price, Thank you for subscribing. Let's also leave a lot of bubbling messages. Wulin Alliance Leader, because of me, escaped into the Demon Way 11. Bao Moyuan opened his eyes blankly and saw the mat staring at him. "What did you say?" 。 prius-biotech.com