Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers Introduces 3 Types Of Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces 3 types of roller blinds:


Roller Blinds Motor Manufacturers introduces 3 types of roller blinds:

1. Electric roller shutter
In the curtain market, automation has become a trend, but the price of this kind of roller blinds is still relatively high. Electric roller blinds have many functions such as anti-ultraviolet, environmental protection and energy saving, beautifying the environment, saving indoor space, etc., and are suitable for various office spaces and apartment buildings.

2. Pull bead roller blinds
The beaded roller shutter style is the most widely used, and we often see it in the family or in public places, and the price of this kind of roller shutter is not high, and it is the most purchased by consumers. . Generally speaking, this kind of rolling shutter door is well-designed, exquisite in craftsmanship, and it is relatively smooth when pulling, and the noise is very small. Some fabrics used generally have very good quality.
ductility and oil resistance.

3. Spring Roller Blinds
Spring roller blinds are named because of the spring inside. This kind of curtain can be divided into power-assisted spring roller blinds, traditional rope-pulled spring roller blinds, bead-pulled spring roller blinds, one-control two-type spring roller blinds, etc. It has the advantages of uniform movement, strong impact resistance and strong self-protection.

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